Wayne Archer (Kay Street Baptist United)
Full Name : Wayne Archer
Position : Forward

Wayne Archer was brought to the club by centre back Brett Aspden, and shares his sense of humour. Archer can play on the left or up front, and scored on his debut with a brave header. Wayne has the knack of scoring with a superb left-foot finish. Was arguably the best player of 2016/17 pre-season with goals and assists in abundance, but struggled to capture this form throughout the season partly because of unavailability.

Age: 33

               Apps    Goals

2016/17      9         3

2017/18      4         3

Total         13         6

NEXT UP: SMCCFL Division 2

30-09-2017 10:30
Macc Parish St. Peter - Kay Street Baptist

NEXT UP: SMCCFL Division 3

14-10-2017 10:30
Oasis Reds - Kay Street Baptist United

KSB Man of the Match: SMCCFL Division 2

KSB United Man of the Match: SMCCFL Division 3

Last Result: SMCCFL Division 2

23-09-2017 10:30
Westwood 0 : 4 Kay Street Baptist

Last Result: SMCCFL Division 3

23-09-2017 10:30
Kay Street Baptist United 4 : 1 Northgate