NORTHGATE 1-1 KSB United - friendly - 5th July 2017 - Christleton High School

"A part of me will always be a Streeter"

Streeters legend Rob Elkington is moving on to Northgate, and we caught up with him before Saturday's testimonial...

Baby Boom!

There have been more new arrivals at the SLS Stadium, but they may not feature for a while...

Jones signs from Vinelife

Kay Street have strengthened their defence with the signing of Matt Jones from Vinelife...


HELMSHORE HARRIERS 2–1 KSB – friendly – 26th July 2017 – Haslingden Sports Centre

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30-09-2017 10:30
Macc Parish St. Peter - Kay Street Baptist

NEXT UP: SMCCFL Division 3

14-10-2017 10:30
Oasis Reds - Kay Street Baptist United

KSB Man of the Match: SMCCFL Division 2

KSB United Man of the Match: SMCCFL Division 3

Last Result: SMCCFL Division 2

23-09-2017 10:30
Westwood 0 : 4 Kay Street Baptist

Last Result: SMCCFL Division 3

23-09-2017 10:30
Kay Street Baptist United 4 : 1 Northgate